Saturday, November 26, 2011

What am I missing?

I've been thinking about this a lot lately. I follow blogs that have hundreds of followers. How did they go from 0 to 652 (or however many)? I have 6 lovely followers, and it always makes me inordinately excited when one of you comments on my posts.
But I can't help but wonder - what am I missing? Is it swatches? Nail updates every day? Give-aways? Nail designs from popular shows and books? Are my posts poorly written? My nails badly designed? My finished work sloppy and uninteresting? My blog layout uninviting? Or am I just invisible?
I'd love to hear your theories and suggestions of how to get more noticed. Thank you. :)


  1. I know where you're coming from. I've had my blog for over a year and have 56 wonderful followers. I don't know what the trick is for gaining followers. But I decided to just keep doing it my way and appreciate the followers I do have.

  2. You have a great blog that showcases your wonderful talent! (I am really looking forward to your forest theme!)

    I think that the main way to increase your follower list is ensure you are an active member of the blogger community. That is, follow as many other nail blogs as you can and encourage them to reciprocate. Comment on their posts and make goggle friends. If you put in a little bit of effort to appreciate their blogs they will do the same with yours. And then they will tell their friend who will tell theirs and so on!

    That's not to say that you are not already doing these things, but the more you follow, the more who follow you.

    All my love

  3. P.s for example, I found out about your site through the long hair community. Because you are an active member on their forums, I saw your posts and wanted to know more.

  4. Good points, Misty. :) While I follow several blogs, I rarely comment on their posts. It makes sense that if I was more of a "community member," then I would be more noticed by the community!

  5. Hi there :) Just wanted to tell you I really like your blog, I will be following you!