Friday, February 10, 2012

02/05/12 - Niece's Nails!

Prepare yourself for a super adorable post. :D
This past weekend the plan was for me to go over to my boyfriend's house because his four-year old niece was visiting. She absolutely adores me, and of course, she's adorable. So DBF asked her before I came over if she'd like me to paint her nails. So her face lit up and she got super excited and asked me to bring over red, blue, and purple. So I packed up basically all of my red, blue, and purple nail polishes, and had a sneaking suspicion that I should also grab my sparklies. I let her choose what she wanted, and this is what happened!

Pardon the dirty little girl feet, but she loved her toes. Sparkly and blue? How great! (This is Nail Treats - Jubilee over Santee - Sky Blue.)

Then came her hands. She changed her mind at least a dozen times, but when I told her that the polishes she seemed to be favouring were for drawing pictures instead of painting the whole nail, she wanted flowers. And polka dots. And stripes. I asked if she wanted it over a coloured background but she just wanted it over clear. Her nails are so tiny! But she was so, so, SO excited when I was done. :D
Her favourites were her thumbs. I didn't get any good pictures - even as patient as she is, she was a little squirmy and didn't understand why I wanted to take pictures - but what matters is that she likes them. :)
Overall, it was a great day, and she was thrilled!

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