Thursday, February 9, 2012

Swatches - SH Platinum and CG Princess Grace

As I mentioned a little while ago, I want to try to doing swatches any time I use the same background for all my nails.
This one I debated not doing, because I painted Sally Hansen - Platinum thinly, because I knew I was going to cover it up. But I'll post what I have anyway. :)

So here's Sally Hansen - Platinum. So sorry I forgot to take pictures of the bottle. But this a cool polish. Not quite sure why it's called platinum, because when I hear "platinum" I think of a silver coloured metal. This is more like less-rainbowy opal. (Linked pics are not mine and are found on Google.)
Platinum was actually what I used in my very first mani that I took a picture of. :) I don't think I've actually used it since, until my feather mani. Oh wait, it was the wings in my Christmas angel. :)

And here it is with China Glaze - Princess Grace. I have used Princess Grace many times as a polish over another polish. It's super thin, which would seem like a downfall, but it can be fun because then I can layer it over any polish to give it a white gloss without cancelling its colour.
So I've done so in my feather mani, my leaf mani, my failed heart mani, and my teddy bear mani. :)

Here's a close up of my thumb - you can kind of see both colours in this. Princess Grace does have the slightest hint of pink, but I think that's really the Platinum showing through here. :)

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