Wednesday, July 4, 2012

07/04/12 - Happy Fourth of July!

Hello all! Happy Independence Day, or, you know, 4th of July as they call it anywhere else. :p

Now, I'm not a super patriotic person. I love the opportunities I have, but I don't have any delusions of the greatness of the USA. Last year I didn't even do my nails for the holiday. But I got this idea a couple weeks ago, so I thought I'd go ahead and do it.
The idea was to do 25 "stars" on each thumb, and then the thirteen strips on the remaining fingers. As you can see, I messed up a little - I did too many stripes on my left hand. Oh well. There's still 50 stars, and approximately 13 stripes on each hand.
The white is Claire's - Snowball, the red and white dots are Migi Nail Art Pens, the blue is Pure Ice - French Kiss, and the sparkles are Orly - Twilight. The blue and the sparkles were a gift from my friend at LHC, mandybeth. I'm super excited to have them!

Close up of the thumb.

But yup! There're my nails! I'll be celebrating the day by watching fireworks this evening with my family and boyfriend, hopefully rocking a cute outfit. :D

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