Friday, July 6, 2012

Swatch Post: Claire's - Snowball and Pure Ice - French Kiss

I've been hoping to swatch Snowball for a while, as it's been my go-to white for a long time. It's one of the first polishes I bought after I started doing my nails more regularly. I was looking for a plain, white-is-white polish, and this has served me well for a while now.
Here's one coat, which is how I've most often worn it. However, for the particular mani I used this for, I did go on to do two coats.
Now, we're getting to the end of the bottle, and this polish is definitely past its prime. It's been getting gloppy and hard to work with, and this is probably the last time I'll use it. I keep adding thinner, and it helps, but.. Well, I have a new white to try.

Left is flash, right is no flash.
Here's my index finger (flash/no flash). See, it does have a nice consistency. It just had a nicer one at the beginning of the bottle. I also found it kinda cool that the flash used too close really just reflected back as all white.

And obviously, I've used this a lot. Let's see.. In my 4th of July nails, under my Bright and Colourful nails, my Graduation toe nails, my Beautiful Day nails, my cheating Tie-dye nails, my Sock Pattern nails, my Rainbow Gradient Dots nails, my Happy Holidays nails, my Musical Notes nails, my Rainbow Streaks and Flowers nails, my Neon Ice nails, my Failed Hearts nails, my Back to School nails, my Pastel Plaid nails, my Failed Text nails, my Smiley nails, my Teddy Bear nails, my French nails, and my Crayon Scribble nails.

And just a mini-swatch of French Kiss. I hope to expand this later, but I just painted it on my thumbs, so..

 I'd been looking for a blue is blue is blue polish. Not periwinkle, not shimmery, not glittery, not navy, not indigo, not sky blue, not.. You get the point. I wanted #0000FF blue. My LHC friend mandybeth was so kind as to send me this one, and it's exactly what I wanted. This is just one coat. :)
I've used this in my 4th of July nails. :)

P.S. The little bumps on some of my finger nails are blemishes from my nail/the base coat, not the polish I'm swatching.


  1. Yay, I'm glad you are loving the polish. It was a little too bright and serious lack of glitter for me, plus my hubby questions why I need 57 blue polishes. I asked why he counted. MandyBeth

    1. I am indeed quite please. :D
      That's pretty funny. xD My family/DBF all think it's silly how much nail polish I have, but they haven't gone so far as to count. xP