Saturday, January 21, 2012

01/20/12 - Sock Pattern Mani

I know this may seem an odd-looking mani, and I admit that it is. And you know why?

Because it's inspired by a pair of socks! xD
Many people know that I collect knee-highs with crazy patterns, colours, toes, whatever. I have three or four pairs like this, where there are three different sections that don't seem to go together. I kept thinking of turning this pair into a nail design, so I did. :D

It's a little silly looking, I know, but I think it's fun. (So sorry about the blue ink in that second to last picture, it's from work and I can't get it to wash off yet. ^^; )
Anyway, the white is Claire's - Snowball. The grey is Sally Hansen - Wet Cement. And the stars and stripes are Migi Nail Art Pens red, yellow, green, purple, and orange. The black tips are Wet 'n' Wild - Ebony Hates Chris.

I hope you like these nails!

So, two notes of business before the end of this post:
1) I'm starting to run low on ideas again. I was doing well for a while there, and then this last week I was busy and just stopped having ideas. o.o So I may keep turning to my sock drawer, but I'd also love suggestions from my lovely seven followers. :D
2) I think I should start doing names in the title. I may even go back and change some of my old posts to have customized names, instead of just "new mani." At the time that seemed like a fine thing to do. But I realize now that having every single post say "new mani" is incredibly unhelpful. So hopefully that'll be a good change. :)


  1. What were you doing at work that you got ink on your hands?

    Another great nail idea. I really need to buy some new socks :)

    1. I work at a gymnastics gym, mostly teaching preschool gymnastics. At the end of each class, we give each kid a stamp. Sometimes I hold the ink pad wrong or accidentally hold the stamp part instead of the holder part. ^^; Of course the ink says that it's washable, but I find that it takes a larger amount of time to wash off.