Tuesday, August 7, 2012

08/06/12 - Miscellaneous Post

Hello! So these are just a few things I wanted to comment on but couldn't quite fit into other posts.

First, this is a sketch I drew before I did my Sea Life Nails with some coloured pencils on cheap terrible quality paper. xD I just wanted to practice drawing some marine life in an easier format before putting it on my nails. It was fun! I need to sketch more often.

Second, I got some henna done while on vacation. I loved it, but it's pretty much gone already. Bummer.  But see, isn't it pretty? I'll have to try to get some of my own henna and try it myself. That sounds so much fun!

Lastly, I'm going to post about my nail growth. I still have the sea life design on my nails. It's been over three weeks! I think that's the longest I've left a design on. Suprisingly, the design itself is holding up really well. However, the nail growth I've gotten is ridiculous! They don't feel that much longer, but there's like a quarter inch from the nail polish to the cuticle.
[ETA: Here's a picture I meant to include when I posted this:
 It astounds me that I managed to go three weeks with this nail growth making my nails look ridiculous, but with only minimal tip wear. Of course, my right hand is a different story - two nails broke and one nail chipped, but overall, this manicure held on surprisingly well.]
 Yeesh! I keep meaning to redo them, but I've been super busy. Only a couple days after I came back from vacation I flew off to college orientation. I'm just recently back from that, and this weekend I'll be off again for a friend's party. Busy! But I'm really looking forward to redoing my nails. I think I have an idea - but first, I think I'm going to cut them all shorter.

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