Wednesday, August 15, 2012

08/09/12 - Roses and Cream Nails

Hello all!
True to my last post, I cut my nails and finally painted a new design.

I wanted something kind of delicate and simple in appearances. Something fairly soft. Something that would work well on my nails now that they're a bit shorter. so I decided to finally do a rose design, but I thought it might look cuter as an accent nail design. So voila!
The pink is Tip Toe - Preppy Pink. It's such a cute pink - a perfect bubble gum cheery pink with a bit if shimmer. :) The green is Love & Beauty - Mint Green. The white is Pure Ice - Super Star. And the sparkles (dotted in between the lines) are Sally Hansen - Diamonds.
This last picture is in natural light and shows the sparkles best.

I think these are fun and exactly what I was looking for.
Also, I love that I finally cut my nails. I've never tried to cut them to be the same length - usually I just let them brake and reshape them individually, sometimes cutting the ring or pinkie because those ones always grow pretty long. But this length is great. I love that they're all the same length, and this is long enough to still be useful, but short enough that they feel sturdy and don't gross me out. xP

But yup! By the way, if you have any ideas for designs you'd like me to try, please let me know!

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