Monday, October 22, 2012

10/20/12 - Sparkle Vomit Nails

Okay, maybe "vomit" shouldn't be in the title for nail decorations, but I was kinda going for the look of "glitter threw up all over my toes" for this. xP I basically just layered most of my glitter polishes over eachother.
I took step by step pictures as I layered on glitter.
I started with a base of Essence - Time for Romance. This was one of my Essence freebies, and one that I was excited about. It's kinda of a transparent purple base with small and medium purple glitter.
Then I put on a coat of Nail Treats - Jubilee. This is a clear base with a bunch of tiny hexagonal multicoloured glitters in it. I'm a fan.
Then I put on a coat of Icing - Lemme See Your Peacock. This is a clear base with medium size round glitters in blue, purple, and green.
Then I put on a coat of Essence - Make It Golden. This was another of the freebies that I was excited about. It's a clear base with gold shimmer and medium gold and small gold glitter.
And finally I put a coat of ORLY - Twilight on top. This is a silver shimmer type thing.
And that's it! I'm not sure exactly how I feel about the end result. I think I like it, though. Here's some more pictures, this time in sunlight:
I'm really trying to show you all the layers of glitter. It's pretty fun:

It's pretty rainy/gloomy looking over here, so the glitter won't get a great chance to shine, but hopefully when I take off my socks at the end of the day it'll make me smile. :)

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