Monday, October 29, 2012

10/27/12 - Stash Update

Hello everyone!
I'll have quite a few posts this week. :) First up, some new nail polish!

I walk past a couple cosmetic stores to and from campus most days, and I've poked my head in a couple of them. One day after class, I went into one and decided I was probably going to buy some of their OPI. I settled on this set, because it's so cute, and has one of the polishes I've been thinking about buying separately anyway.
Here's what it has in it:

A free pen, Pirouette My Whistle, and Lucerne-Tainly Look Marvelous. I'd never heard of the second one, but the first one I've been wanting. They both look great!
And here's the pen:
It's actually a pretty boring pen. It's got these fancy outside, and a cap that actually screws on. But the pen itself is just a regular ball point. Meh.
But I'm excited about both the polishes.

Also, I've been lending out my polishes to various girls on my floor. Not so sure how I feel about that, but I can't say no. :p But on the plus side.. I lent some polish to a girl yesterday, and she asked if I had a white striping polish. I said no, I don't have any striping polishes. I just use a tiny paintbrush. Well, she really wanted that white striping polish, so she went and bought one. Which also came with a black and silver one, which she gave to me!

I always thought that a regular paintbrush that you can dip in any nail polish is probably better than and makes more sense than an actual striping polish. But I just used it yesterday, and I was actually very impressed. I may have to look into getting more of these!

And an update on my swatch plates..
Here's my two newest:
Which filled the plate! Here are the four I have now:

Half of one of one of the plates is actually all polish that my mother owns, and I don't even have with me, but, whatever. So I need a new plate! Hopefully I won't get any more polish until Thanksgiving, since all the plates are back home.
Anyway! That's the update. Keep watching for more posts!

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