Sunday, March 17, 2013

03/15/13 - Bloke Meets Leprechaun Nails

Well, I wasn't originally planning to paint my nails for St. Patrick's Day. Partially because I thought it was later in the week. Partially because I had planned to repaint my nails last weekend, as per usual. But my LynB polishes finally came, and I realized St. Patrick's Day is this weekend (today!) and I decided to do a quick design for the holiday. :)
I used LynBDesigns - Anomalous Bloke as the base, and then layered on (in this order) China Glaze - Kalahari Kiss, Dabble - Sand, and China Glaze - Fairy Dust for the four leaf clover.

I'll be posting a pic-heavy swatch post of Anomalous Bloke soon, so I won't talk too much of it here. But I will say that I really like it! And I think it works great for a St. Patrick's day mani.
You know, it's amazing how much quicker it is to paint your nails if you keep the design really simple! Now I get how people who just do plain colours can stand to repaint every couple days. I usually spend so many hours on my nail art, I do my best to make it last at least a week.
But I kept this design very simple, and very not-time consuming - but still pretty. Yay!
I hope you all have a good St. Patrick's Day. :) And for those of you in university about to go into finals week like me, good luck! :)

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  1. So glad my evil indie enabling ways has paid off! Looks great!