Saturday, March 16, 2013

03/16/13: Stash Update - LynB Polishes

A little while ago a friend informed me of a 50% off sale that LynBDesigns was doing. (Actually, it seems she's doing a sale today, too! Through tomorrow.) I've been wanting to try Indie polishes, but hadn't yet. So I decided, 50% off! Good enough reason for me! So I excitedly purchased 4 polishes from her.
Since these are my first Indie polishes, I'm going to write a bit more of thorough post on them.

They arrived all cutely individually bubble wrapped:
I'm gleefully popping the little bubbles spanned out over time as stress relief. xD
I got two from Doctor Who, and two from Princess Bride. Which makes these even better, because I love both of those!
I'll finish off with some close-up bottle shots. These polishes are all so pretty, I'm really excited to have them. :)

I've already got plans for three of these, so keep checking back to see them on my nails! :D


  1. They arrived! Pretty bottle shots too :). Anomalouse bloke is was prettyier than i thought cant wait to see them on the nail.

    1. Wow i need to pay attention to my sleepy typing that was full of typos :p