Monday, March 18, 2013

Swatch: LynBDesigns - Anomalous Bloke

This'll be a pic-heavy post. Because I like this polish. And it deserves a lot of pictures.
Also, as an Indie polish (my first one!), a search for swatch pictures revealed basically nothing. So I'll help end that problem. :)
We're starting with two pictures of two coats, no top coat, flash.
Again, this is LynBDesigns - Anomalous Bloke, from one of her Doctor Who collections. I'll be honest, I didn't immediately connect the name to a particular scene by memory, but a quick search reveals this exchange:

Jenny: So, you don't have a name either? Are you an anomaly too?
The Doctor: No.
Donna Noble: Oh come off it, you're the most anomalous bloke I've ever met.

A-ha! (now direct light)
This polish is perfect for the Doctor, then.
It's mostly a green base, then with a bunch of blue shimmer, and then some holographic sparkles of varying colours. Ever-changing, just like the Doctor!

LnyB describes it as so: "I started with a darkened blue green color and added a ton of color shifting power. It shifts from green to blue to purple. I also added orange, red, and gold holographic micro glitter. Overall this color is amazing and never looks the same when you look at it." I agree!

I'll finish with a couple nails, with top coat, natural light on a cloudy day.

 Those show the holographic sparkles pretty well.
This one shows the blue shimmer pretty well.

And there you have it! I really like this polish, and I'm glad I largely left it alone in my Bloke Meets Leprechaun nails. Between the colour shift, the shimmer, and the glitter, this is truly a fun polish I'm glad to have. You can pick it up yourself here!

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