Thursday, May 2, 2013

Swatch: LynBDesigns - Up on the Poopdeck

As I mentioned in my Squares 'n' Bows nails, I recently bought LynBDesigns - Up on the Poopdeck, from her new Dr. Seuss collection. I thought it looked fun and different, and I was right.
These photos are all of two coats by itself, no top coat.
There is a huge variety of glitters in this polish!

Like small, medium, and large squares and hexagons, of all sorts of different colours. All in a light grey-ish base. She describes it as "a sheer white polish loaded with any and all colors of glitter in several different shapes and sizes." I'm not sure if some of the glitters leaked, causing the base to not actually be white, or if it's just.. not quite white. I don't mind, though. It reminds me of newspaper, bringing a fun story book quality to it.
I thought about placing glitters to get them exactly in places, but I didn't. I'm just happy to report I didn't need to fish for anything. The application was pretty easy.
Check that out! Pretty cool.
You can get Up on the Poopdeck here. It's such a fun polish, perfect for Dr. Seuss!

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