Tuesday, April 30, 2013

04/29/13 - Squares 'n' Bows Nails

I've gotten so many new polishes lately, in addition to the ones I've already had, that instead of having no ideas, I have too many! It was hard to settle on one, but after I saw LOVE4NAILS' recent tutorial, I decided to go for it.
When I bought LynBDesigns - Up on the Poopdeck, I loved the look of it, but was struggling for how to incorporate it in nail art. I loved the variety of glitter in there, especially the square glitter. I wanted something that would show off the beautiful polish, and play up the variety in shapes. So that's why I decided LOVE4NAILS' basic design would work great for this. :)
I used Up on the Poopdeck, my black KISS striper, and Pure Ice - Super Star. And that's it! This was pretty simple and quick to do, considering some of the designs I've done recently.
I had hoped to really get those big squares apparent more. You can see one to the side of my pointer finger. I probably should have moved it to the middle, but I wanted the polish to have as "natural" an application as possible. Oh well, it's still fun.
Look at that great blue hexagon! :D
Also, fun fact: stripers are good at doing stripes! I know, it's not rocket science. But I kept trying to do more intricate nail art with them and just couldn't figure out what they good of them was because nail art sure wasn't working. Well, duh, it was easy-peezy to do stripes with the striper.

Okay, that's about it! Check back in a few days to see swatches of Up on the Poopdeck. :)

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