Friday, April 5, 2013

Lasting Power Musings

Woohoo, a post every day this week! That might be a record. :p
So, the last couple weeks I've been thinking about how long things last. Unless I really hate something or have timing concerns, I try to make each one of my designs last a week. And by try I don't really mean try, more like, I don't take it off for that long. If I want something to last longer than a week, I might apply an extra coat of top coat or two a couple days later. Usually I'll get a few chips and tip wear, but have no real problems with nail polish lasting that long.

However, I hear lots of people saying that nail polish only lasts a day or four days or something. And I'm wondering if we have different definitions of "lasting," or whether polish just stays better on my for whatever reason.
For my end of the discussion, I have two photo comparisons to offer of recent designs. In each, the first photo is the morning after I applied it, and the second is before I removed it.
This one had really good lasting power. A full week later, and you can hardly tell.
Ten days later. Definitely some chips on a couple of the fingers, but on the others it still looks pretty good.

So I just wanted to contribute that, and hear what anyone else has to say on the matter. :)

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  1. Mine typically last about 4 days but they get alot fo water exposure and wear. I do woodworkingm beading, and origami all of which increase tip wear though water does most of the damage.

    Mine last longer/better now that I wear gloves for any heavy dish washing but I dont typically get a week out of them. By the time they get to the shape of the pointer/mddle fingers on your rainbow mani they need to go for me. If its a darker color tip wear shows more so im pickier. Besides by day 4 im ready for something new and to do them twice a week is a mangable amount of work/tme for me to put in. Thats my 2 cents :)