Monday, April 8, 2013

04/07/13 - I'm a Fan of Purple

And the posting continues! Woah! :p
Also, everyone laugh at the title, because I'm clearly hilarious. xD
I was struggling a bit with ideas, because all my ideas at the moment involve neons and/or holographics, but the weather is absolutely rubbish for that right now. So I wanted something that would cheer me up with all this rainy, gloomy weather, but would also look good. Then I realized - duh! - follow the suggestions you receive! So I followed Polished Pisces' suggestion of a fan brush mani, since I now have the fan brush. So I looked at a couple of the tutorials and set to work!
She suggested I could rock it rainbow-style, and while I totally agree, I decided to do it in shades of purple, because it's my favourite colour. :)
I hope I don't ruin the fan brush. Before I used it, I was feeling it, and it is really soft. Nail polish and acetone aren't kind to brushes, but it seems like nice quality, and I'll try to be nice to it.
Basically, you achieve this look by applying a colour to the tips of the fan, and then you brush over each nail several times. I started with Revlon - Impulse, then brushed on multiple layers of: Lime Crime - Lavendairy, Covergirl - Lav-Endure, Santee - Purple, and Esssence - Promberry. I finished with China Glaze - Fairy Dust. I didn't need Fairy Dust, of course, but come on - I've got to top of my favourite colour with one of my favourite polishes, right?
This is a fun look that totally easy and quick. It kinda reminds of tiger stripes, or sugar spinning, or a tornado. I bet you could make it look like any of those with the right colours!
Thanks for looking. :)


  1. This is absolutely beautiful! The colours work so well together :) I have had make up brushes last me years by taking good care of them, you could try washing it with a good quality shampoo and conditioner inbetween all the acetone abuse. Just remember to leave it drying flat as upright the moisture and water can damage the glue at its base holding the brushes in. :)

    1. Thanks!
      And thanks for the advice about the brushes. :)