Monday, April 1, 2013

04/01/13 - Stash Update

Hello! I'm back in Eugene after a lovely spring break. :)

And of course, one of the things I did over spring break was buy nail polish. I keep telling myself I'm not going to do that any more, especially since I have no room left in my current storage, but... Oh well. :p

Yup. :) Here's a quick bottle shot of Black Illusion, because I'm always a total sucker for holographics.
The display for the L.A. Girl holographics made them seem like linear holographics, but you could tell from the bottles that they weren't. But I didn't mind, because Black Illusion looks like it could be a dupe for Zoya - Storm, which is a polish I've had my eye on. But this was cheaper and I'm content with it, so no need to spend extra! Yay!

Also, my school store was having a bit of a sale on paint brushes, so I picked up one and then this pack.

You can see the set came with acrylic paint and a set of paintbrushes all for $10, which seemed good enough to try.
I'd been planning on getting one of those nail art brush sets they sell online, but this seems to be the same brushes those sets include, so hopefully it'll work out.

Lastly, my camera broke a while ago, so I left it at home for spring break. These pictures and my next couple posts will be with my other camera, which I am having the hardest time figuring out how to take nail art pictures with it. As in, they're not coming out good. :( Which is a shame. I have a new camera in the mail, so hopefully that'll arrive soon and it'll work out. But try not to judge the pictures too harshly with this camera and then as I adjust to the new one.


  1. Yay your back in blogland! So glad you had a good spring break and your camera arrived :). If the camera is giving you trouble try changing the ISO settings it affects the detail and sharpness. A quick google can explain it better than I can lol. Heck your a camera perso you could explain it to me :p

    Brushed look great. You'll have to try a fan brush mani they are a blast! You can use the acrylic paint too just seal with top coat. Check out some one step fglowers on youtube for inspiration :).

    1. Arg, I wish my camera would arrive! I'm just using my other. Yeah, I'm that freak with 2-3 cameras. :p
      Well, a good portion of the issues I'm having are that this is my bigger camera with manual settings and whatnot, and I'm finding it very hard to use with only one hand, and next to impossible to take pictures with only my left hand. But then even with those, I just feel like the colours and lighting aren't coming out how I expect them to, even though with any other subject (aka: not my own hands) I know how to change the settings to get what I want. I'm not really sure why I'm struggling so much.

      Yeah, I figured this set was a good way to try out acrylic paint, too, since I haven't tried that yet. And you're absolutely right, I'll have to try the one-step flowers with it! I've tried it with nail polish but it didn't come out so nice, so now that I have the paint I'll have to try it again.
      Any recommendations for fan brush manis? I have some ideas, but I'm not exactly sure what to do with it.

    2. Also, curiosity question: do you get an email/notification when I reply to your reply?

    3. Ahhh glad you have backup cameras even if fustrating, but i hope your new one arrives soo :). I like this tutorial - - for fanbrush manicures. It reminds me of spun sugar :). I lik the tone on tone or complimentary ones but something tells me you'd rock it rainbow style :D.

      The nice thing about acrylic paint is that if you mess up you can wipe it off with alcohol without hurting your base color(s). As or notifications i havent checked my email, i was just checking in for my nightly blog roll. In the past i havent but i'll check and get back to you.